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Interview: 5-minutes with Christian Légaré | Embedded Computing Design

IPSO Alliance president and chairman, Christian Légaré, recently sat down with Embedded Computing Design's Rich Nass to discuss the Alliance's goals and current work efforts. This wide-ranging interview covers IPSO's…

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Blog: Open-System Standards Are Making the IoT a Reality

Christian Légaré, President and Chairman, IPSO Alliance and CTO, Micrium The IoT continues to be at the forefront of the electronics industry’s collective imagination. With predictions of billions of devices…

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Our View on Smart Objects

‘Smart Object’ is a dynamic and ever-changing term. No simple definition will suffice. We are embarking into a new era of technology where devices, things, and objects get smart and connected from the smallest of sensors to fully autonomous intelligent machines. Various forms of Smart Objects will become extremely complicated with a large variety of characteristics and attributes. And consensus is needed on the formats of the data that gets generated or received by these Smart Objects.

Our work as an Alliance drives towards defining Smart Object interoperability at protocol and data layers, as well as towards solving their identity and privacy issues. There is a market need and urgency for industry leadership in the definition of the next generation of Smart Objects and the IPSO Alliance is up to the challenge. Membership is open to all organizations supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects, won’t you join us?