1-3 October: Christian Legare to Speak at ARM TechCon


Ranked one of the top three must-attend events in the embedded industry, ARM® TechCon™ is more than a conference. ARM TechCon’s unique 360-degree interactive training ground is seeded to connect, instruct, advise and enable the world of electronic and ARM-based computer design, and provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of ARM-based technology.

With a talk by IPSO Vice President and Executive Vice President and CTO of Micrium, Christian Légaré on Wednesday the 1st:

“Embedded Systems : Catching the IoT Wave”

The embedded industry is being revitalised by the Internet of Things. ARM is a leader in micro-controller design. IoT devices as embedded systems cover a large range of devices from low-power, low-performance sensors to high-end gateways. This presentation will highlight the elements an embedded engineer needs to analyze before selecting the MCU for his design. Software is fundamental in IoT: from networking to power management, from vertical market protocols to IoT Cloud protocols and services, from programming languages to remote firmware update, these are all design criteria influencing an IoT device design.

With the attendees, we will review and analyse the IoT design challenges for:

  • Code size and RAM requirements for the major networking stacks
  • Optimizing TCP/IP ressources versus performance
  • Using Java from Oracle or from other vendors versus C
  • WiFi (radio only or integrated module)
  • Bluetooth (Classis versus LE)
  • IoT protocols

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