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Nick Ashworth


Mr. Ashworth has a distinguished track record of over 20 years in product development and leadership in industries including HVAC, appliances, commercial lighting, and smart grid. During this time, he has participated in connected product development involving IP, ZigBee, ISA-100, WirelessHART, and a variety of proprietary wireless communication protocols. Mr. Ashworth holds 15 patents for inventions involving the application of smart technologies for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. At Eaton, he is responsible for technology and engineering within the Energy Automation Solutions business which provides enterprise software, communication infrastructure and end-point devices for monitoring and controlling assets on the electrical grid. Nick Ashworth was the chairperson for the inaugural IPSO CHALLENGE in 2013, which broadened IPSO from promoting and educating to sponsorship of the development of the Internet of Things. Elected to Chairman of the IPSO Alliance in 2013, Mr. Ashworth brings to the Alliance a wealth of engineering leadership experience ranging from NASA to Cyberexe, Invensys, Nivis, and now Eaton.



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Patrick Wetterwald


Mr. Wetterwald is an initial founder of the IPSO Alliance, where he has served for four years as the President of the Board of Directors. He currently serves as the liaison with the European Commission Internet of Things (IoT) expert group. He has written several articles on behalf of the Alliance and delivered many keynote presentations at international events. As the Smart Grid and IoT Product Manager at Cisco Systems, Mr. Wetterwald has extensive experience in the IoT area and has been advocating IP connectivity for Smart Objects for many years. He is very involved in the European Smart Objects market and is the chair of the communication reference architecture group of the European mandate M490 (Smart Grid). As President of the IPSO Board of Directors, Mr. Wetterwald’s leadership continues to increase momentum around IPSO’s vision and goals and also drive new ideas within the Alliance in key areas such as Smart Grids, smart cities, industrial automation, smart homes and buildings, and healthcare.



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Geoff Mulligan

Presidential Innovation Fellow, NIST

Mr. Mulligan is currently a Presidential Innovation Fellow working on the Cyber-Physical Systems project for the White House with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Mulligan previously was the Founder and President of Proto6, a technology consulting company focused on the Internet of Things, RF Sensors, IPv6, IP networks and open systems. He is notable for developing the Embedded Internet and created the 6LoWPAN protocol and has chaired the 6LoWPAN working group at the IETF since 1995. He helped build the first commercial firewall product and was instrumental in the design of the IPv6 protocol. Geoff holds over 15 patents in network security and electronic mail and is often called to serve as an expert witness on patent litigation and has testified before Congress on Electronic Commerce and Computer Security. He authored the security book "Removing the Spam" in 1999. Mr. Mulligan received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Denver after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy. He is a Founder and former board member of the Zigbee Alliance and one of the founders of the IP for Smart Objects Alliance (IPSO) where he served as Chairman for 5 years.



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Thomas Herbst

Silver Spring Networks

Mr. Herbst is Treasurer of the IPSO Alliance Board of Directors. He has been building large IP networks for over 25 years. Mr. Herbst has held a variety of technical and business leadership roles throughout his career, and is currently responsible for Silver Spring Networks’ Smart Grid and Internet of Things standards engagements. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), is an elected member of the Open Smart Grid (OpenSG) Technical Committee and of NIST’s Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s Smart Grid Architecture Committee (SGAC). He was technical director for ZigBee’s Smart Energy Profile 2 (SEP 2.0). Mr. Herbst’s prior experience ranges from network engineering at Xerox to a nearly 20 year career at Cisco spanning research to consulting, and including pioneering Cisco’s Smart Grid business unit. Mr. Herbst’s experience with many different alliances and standards bodies gives him a uniquely broad point of view and ability to guide IPSO’s future growth and contributions to Internet based connectivity.



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Jan Holler


Mr. Höller is a Principal Researcher at Ericsson Research where he has the responsibility to define and drive technology strategies and to contribute to the company strategies in the area of M2M and Internet of Things, and where he is a strong advocate for Ericsson’s vision of “50 Billion connected Devices”. He was an early promoter of Internet of Things and M2M at Ericsson and significantly contributed to Ericsson’s portfolio and standardization strategies. Jan has also served as a Board Member of WISENET, Vinnova Centre of Excellence for Wireless Sensor Networks at Uppsala University in Sweden. Mr. Höller’s expertise spans IoT, M2M, context-aware services, ubiquitous computing and mobile and pervasive networking, as well as standardization, business innovation, partnering and ecosystem creation and is matched by his belief in the use of IP and the Web in all connected devices. He was recently featured in a Wired Magazine article titled “When the World becomes the Web” and is a co-author of the new book, From Machine-to-Machine to the Internet of Things – Introduction to a New Age of Intelligence. Mr. Höller currently serves as Secretary of the IPSO Alliance Board of Directors, where he provides guidance on the telecommunications industry and its partnership with the IPSO Alliance to advance mutual goals of “Building a Smarter World through the Internet of Things”.



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Anton Pfefferseder


Dr. Pfefferseder received his doctorate in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the Technical University of Munich. He has been with Bosch for over 15 years, and throughout that time has been responsible for the fire alarm detector development group and R&D of fire alarm control panels. He is currently responsible for field bus and sensor communication topics within Bosch’s business sector energy and building technology. Dr. Pfefferseder has served on the Board of IPSO Alliance since May 2010. A prolific inventor, Dr. Pfefferseder is co-author of two dozen patents and is a leader in the application of network connectivity to life saving field detection devices, sensors and control systems.

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Zach Shelby


Mr. Shelby is Director of Technology for the Internet of Things at ARM and a thought leader for the industry. He is an industry visionary and is a main contributor to the standardization of both 6LoWPAN and CoAP, two of the key technologies behind the Internet of Things. Mr. Shelby has been responsible for developing innovative research in the area of wireless embedded networking and is the author of "6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet" a seminal book about 6LoWPAN. Mr. Shelby was co-founder of Sensinode where he acted as CEO and CTO for the ground-breaking company before its recent acquisition by ARM. Before starting Sensinode, he led wireless networking research at the Centre for Wireless Communications and at the Technical Research Center of Finland. His portfolio includes publications, public talks, broad research cooperation and key patents. He has an M.Sc. (Eng.) from the University of Oulu and a B.Sc. (Eng.) from Michigan Technological University. Zach Shelby currently serves on the IPSO Alliance Board of Directors and is Chair of the Web Objects Committee, where he plays a lead role in advising interoperability testing and plugfests and continues to drive IPSO’s vision of a connected future.