About IPSO

Vision and Mission


“Building a Smarter World through the Internet of Things”™             Connecting people, businesses and environments securely and efficiently


The IPSO Alliance is a global collaborative forum, including many Fortune 500 high tech companies, each a leading player in their industry segment. IPSO Alliance serves as a resource center and thought leader for the various communities seeking to establish the Internet Protocol as the network for the connection of Smart Objects. The IPSO Alliance provides a foundation for industry growth through building stronger relationships, fostering awareness, providing education, promoting the industry, generating research, and creating a better understanding of IP and its role in the Internet of Things.


Promote IP: As the universal, most resilient, and most secure infrastructure on which to base ever more critical connectivity. Carry on our core mission of “IP enabling the internet of things.” Promote the use of IP as the premier solution for access and communication for Smart Objects – in print, in public, and in the media.

Invest in Innovation: Through education and greenshoots development – help innovators in small companies who are actually making IP devices and web objects to gain visibility in the industry. Recognize that IP Interoperability “lifts all boats” and that IPSO efforts helping small companies ultimately help the whole industry.

Uphold Standards: Support IETF and other standards development organizations in the development of standards for Smart Objects. Reach out to the industries and markets where Smart Objects can have an effective role in growth when connected using the Internet Protocol.

Interoperability: Organize interoperability tests that will allow members and interested parties to show that products and services using IP for Smart Objects can work together and meet industry standards for communication.

Note: The objective of the Alliance is not to define technologies, but to document the use of IP-based technologies defined at the standard organizations such as IETF with focus on support by the Alliance of various use cases.