About IPSO

Technical Advisory Board

The IPSO Technology Advisory Board (TAB) consists of five international experts in the area of Smart Objects. The TAB closely interacts with the IPSO Board of Directors and has the following mission:

  • Technical oversight of documents. The TAB is responsible for reviewing the technical accuracy of the white papers, use cases and other documents produced by the IPSO alliance, including technical press releases.
  • Produce technical white papers on behalf of the alliance of interest for the IPSO members and the community at large.
  • Form the technical IPSO committees and help define their charter.
  • Update IPSO and its members on the IETF work. The TAB will provide regular updates
    to the IPSO members on the standardization progress made by the relevant IETF Working
  • Establish potential alliances with various standardization body committees.

TAB Chairman

Matthew Gillmore image

Matthew Gillmore


Matthew Gillmore is a Strategic Industry Standards Architect in Itron’s Office of the CTO. He currently serves as Chair of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for the IPSO Alliance, where he guides the organization to produce technical documents of relevance to IPSO members and the community at large. Mr. Gillmore is an active participant in various standards groups including: IEEE 802, IETF, Zigbee Alliance and IPSO Alliance and has been an advocate for open standards in the Smart Grid industry since its inception. Mr. Gillmore chaired the SG-Network task force within OpenSG, contributed to Smart Energy Profile version 2 and is currently the technical editor for the Neighborhood Area Network working group.
Connect with Matthew Gillmore: www.linkedin.com/pub/matthew-gillmore/b/143/622

TAB Members

Jari Arkko image

Jari Arkko

Jari Arkko is an Expert on Internet Architecture with Ericsson Research in Jorvas, Finland. At the IETF, he served six years as one of the Internet Area Directors in the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) and one year as a member of the IAB. From March 2013 he is serving as the General Area Director and IETF Chair. Mr. Arkko has published 36 RFCs, including specifications for Mobile IPv6, EAP-AKA, Diameter, SEND, and various IPv6 related documents. He has previously served as a chair of three IETF working groups and IPSO TAB Chairman.

Ralph Droms image

Ralph Droms

Ralph Droms is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer in Cisco's Enterprise Networking CTO office, where he is currently contributing to the design and development of IPv6-based IoT protocols stacks, SDN and enterprise-scale DNS-SD. Dr. Droms has participated directly in the IPSO Alliance since joining the TAB in 2013. Dr. Droms is also active in the IETF, where he organized and then chaired the DHC working group until 2009, acted as Internet Area Director from 2009 to 2013 and now co-chairs the dnssd working group. In addition, Dr. Droms helped to coordinate the development between the ZigBee Alliance and the IETF of the ZigBee-IP specification and has authored over 20 RFCs. Prior to joining Cisco, Dr. Droms was on the faculty at Bucknell and Penn State and co-director of the Computer Center at Bucknell. He has also been on the research staff at both IBM and Burroughs (Unisys). Dr. Droms is a co-author of "The DHCP Handbook". His PhD is in computer science from Purdue University.

Connect with Ralph Droms: www.linkedin.com/pubralph-droms/0/493/a10/

Yoshihiro Ohba image

Yoshihiro Ohba

Yoshihiro Ohba is a Chief Research Scientist at the Toshiba Corporate R&D Center, Japan. He is a main contributor to RFC 5191 (PANA - Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access). Mr. Ohba is Chair of the IEEE 802.21a and the 802.21d Task Groups, and Vice Chair and Secretary of ZigBee Alliance Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) WG. He received the IEEE Region 1 Technology Innovation Award in 2008. Mr. Ohba serves on the IPSO Alliance Technical Advisory Board, providing technical oversight for documents produced by the IPSO Alliance.
Connect with Yoshihiro Ohba: jp.linkedin.com/pub/yoshihiro-ohba/3/820/132