September 2012 – Chairman’s Message

IPSO Alliance Newsletter  Chairman’s Message So far 2012 has been a busy year for the IPSO Alliance.  We surpassed 65 member companies, held our first member meeting and interopability event (Interop) in Europe, expanded our liaisons with other IoT and M2M related organizations, published the IPSO Application Framework document, held an Interop and open house … Continue reading

September 2012 – October Member Meeting Update

Please remember to register for the October Member Meeting soon! Registration for the meeting is essential in order for us to finalize meeting room details and catering. Your meeting registration includes lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with the Tuesday evening Social Dinner at the Harvest Bistro. This year NIVIS will be sponsoring a portion … Continue reading

September 2012 – Moving Towards Horizontal Systems

Moving Towards Horizontal Systems: Embedded Enabling Technologies and Their Use in the Smart Energy and Healthcare Areas By Fabien Castanier and Antonio Vilei ABSTRACT Despite the initial skepticism of many researchers about the suitability of the Internet architecture for sensor networks, today the general trend is to move away from proprietary or closed-standard solutions to … Continue reading

June 2012 – Interop Updates

By Geoff Mulligan Subsequent to the member meeting in Paris, the IPSO Interop and Smart Energy committees conducted a multi-vendor interoperability event, hosting nine different vendors who were testing multiple different physical media (PHY/MAC) combinations. Several companies tested implementations of 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 and one company demonstrated 6LoWPAN over 802.15.4 and PLC. In order … Continue reading

June 2012 – Paris Member Meeting Summary

By Nick Ashworth and Jan Höller On April 2-3, the IPSO Alliance held their first members meeting in Paris, France to recognize the growing support for the Internet of Things by European member companies.  We had 45 attendees, representing 30 companies and 9 countries.  Of those attending, over half (57%) were first-time attendees. The meeting … Continue reading

June 2012 – Vice President’s Message

IPSO Alliance Newsletter – June 2012, Issue 3 Vice President’s Message First, thank you to the many member companies that joined us at our first IPSO meeting in Europe.  We had a very productive meeting in Paris during the first week of April. I am excited to see us publishing our third newsletter to let … Continue reading

June 2012 – Bringing Light to the Internet of Things

IPSO Alliance Promoter Member GreenWave Reality is a global innovator in the Smart Home Services market, providing IP-based solutions for Energy Management, Connected Lighting, Electric Vehicles, and Home Monitoring services. The company works with utilities, retail energy providers, and service operators across Europe, Asia, and the United States to enable solutions that increase consumer choice, … Continue reading

March 2012 – IPSO Message

The IPSO Alliance is off to a great start in 2012. The solid foundation of our 2011 work has set the stage for another landmark year. Our marketing team has been busy getting the message out. We are increasing our global presence and are continuing the extension of our interoperability efforts. Our Marketing Committee has … Continue reading

March 2012 – Wireless sensor network proven in action by EISLAB

A completely IPv6-based wireless sensor network has been put to a real life test in northern Sweden for over a year. In a private home in the town of Piteå, the heating system has been successfully monitored and controlled using a 6LoWPAN-based wireless network. A service architecture has been enabled by implementation of the Constrained … Continue reading

March 2012 – At home with the wireless Internet of Things – NXP

All households and businesses are under pressure to fulfil the twin ideals of reduced energy consumption and reduced costs. There have been many advances in building technology such as double glazing, and roof and wall insulation, which improve the loss of energy, but to date, very little has been done to minimise consumption at the … Continue reading