June 24-25: European Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing

Demand response has never been so important to society. Whether we are struggling to meet with peak demand like the US or dealing with the management of various sources with the proliferation of renewable energy sources, it is still the key to the Smart Grid and a vital part of our energy system. SMi Group’s 3rd Annual European Demand Response and Dynamic pricing on the 24-25th June will be looking into changes in attitude to demand response, its inclusion in policy and the effect this will have on the industry. We will be investigating some of the Low Carbon Network funded projects by Ofgem along with demand response initiatives further afield such as the US. There has also been new research and developments on the storage side and the need to incorporate various energy sources into the Grid which we will explore.

For more information, visit http://www.smi-online.co.uk/m2m-oilandgas6.asp

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