Geoff Mulligan to speak at North American IPv6 Summit – April 17-19

IPSO Chairman Geoff Mulligan will speak on “Benefits of IP in IoT and M2M systems” in Denver, CO at the North American IPv6 Summit.

The Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force (RMv6TF), in conjunction with Regional North American IPv6 Task Forces is pleased to host the 2013 North American IPv6 Summit on April 17-19, 2013 in Denver, Colorado. Join more than 500 IPv6 networking professionals who plan to attend, ranging from technology leaders, systems architects, technical engineers, and researchers from all over the country. This event will be the largest IPv6 conference in North America this year.
Link to  Rocky Mountain IPv6 Task Force:
Link to 2013 North American IPv6 Summit Registration:

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