IEEE Globecom 2012 – Dec 3 – 7

IEEE Globecom 2012
December 3-7
Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA, USA

Geoff Mulligan of Proto6 will be giving a talk on December 4, 2012 entitled “The Role and Applications Scenarios of IPv6 in M2M & Internet of Things: Building the Internet of Things: New protocols need not apply”.

Additionally, he will be speaking on the VINTage Internet session:

IF8: IPv6 Forum: M2M/IoT – What are the Futures in Communication?
Chair: Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum & Senior Researcher, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The public IPv4 address space managed by IANA has been completely depleted by 1 February 2011. Without public IP addresses, M2M and Internet of Things would be significantly handicapped. Most discussions about IoT have been based on the illusionary assumption that the IP address space is an unlimited resource, like oxygen produced for free by nature.

In early 90s, IPv6 was designed by the IETF IPng (Next Generation) Working Group and later promoted by the IPv6 Forum. Expanding the IPv4 protocol suite with larger address space and defining new capabilities restoring end-to-end connectivity and services, several IETF working groups have worked on many deployment scenarios with transition models to interact with IPv4 infrastructure and services. They have also enhanced a combination of features that were not tightly designed or scalable in IPv4 like IP mobility, ad hoc services, etc .,catering for the extreme scenario where IP becomes a commodity service enabling lowest cost networking deployment of large scale sensor networks, RFID, IP in the car, to any imaginable scenario where networking adds value to commodity.

This panel will discuss the open and scalable architecture model with some of the best experts to address the core issues: the IPv4 address crunch and its impact on IoT or the open standards needed for its scalability, IPv6 and its advanced IETF developments such as IPv6 adaptation layer over IEEE 802.15.4 (including header compression) known as 6LoWPAN or IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks (RPL) as the way forward.

Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum, Senior Researcher, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Introduction: M2M / INTERNET OF THINGS: Connecting Everyone and Everything?
Vinton Cerf, VP, Internet Evangelist, Google, USA
What are the Futures in Communication?
Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Chair, ISPO Alliance
The Role and Applications Scenarios of IPv6 in M2M & Internet of Things
John Jason Brzozowski, Chief Architect, IPv6, Comcast Cable, USA
Impact of IPv6 on the Consumer Electronics and the Creation of the CE Program for CEA
Sebastien Ziegler, Founder & President, Mandat International, Switzerland
The Internet of Things based on IPv6- EU FP7 Funded Project: IoT6

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