International Internet of Things Event – June 6

This international event will merge business (where is the money) and technology, and will focus on two Internet of Things cases: The individual and The Home.

Gert van Kempen, Managing Director, Smart Dutch and member of the IPSO Alliance will share the view on the Internet of Things market
The Smart Dutch metering system is an innovative intelligent metering system based on meshed radio frequency (RF) technology. The system reads individual (smart) utility meters at customers’ homes and premises at regular intervals and transmits the data to the suppliers’ gateway.

Meshed radio frequency (RF) communication is very reliable and relatively cheap – certainly in comparison to alternatives such as PLC, Ethernet and GPRS/CDMA communication.

The event exists out of two linked activities:

  • The seminar will tackle social, technical, cultural and design challenges, discuss innovative solutions, show new business opportunities and will give an outlook into the future of Internet of Things for The individual and The Home.
  • The exhibition will show Internet of Things products and services in its current and future formats

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