May 9-10: International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress. Michael Westberg to host Exhibition IPSO Booth

Michael Westberg of Connode to host the IPSO Alliance Booth at:

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Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
Organized by the Directorate General for Metrology and Standardization

Smart grids aim to prevent power cut by conducting status analysis and by means of automated metering systems; to ensure grid safety by controlling excess loads and failures; to integrate renewable energy sources into the system; to manage energy losses and consumption that cannot be managed and monitored. Increasing energy need in Turkey resulting from increase in population, urbanization, industrialization and technological improvements stands for one of the most important problems in the medium and long run. During such a crucial period, parties producing, distributing and using the energy search for solutions for a more flexible, reliable and economic grid infrastructure along with  rational and efficient use of energy without losses, integration of renewable energy sources into the system and decrease of greenhouse gas emissions. Problems about production and consumption of energy are supposed to be eliminated in time by the help of advance technology solutions such as information and communication technologies and smart grids. Therefore current grid systems shall inevitably evolve in order to integrate into this system. Unlike classic meters used for current grid systems, smart meters as the key element of smart grids, ensure duplex data flow by means of their communication infrastructure and they consequently enable identifying demands and complaints about meters then finding appropriate solutions on time.  In Turkey, ranking as 20th of the countries in the world with the highest rate of energy production and consumption as per International Energy Agency with about 70 millions of water and electricity subscribers and 10 millions of natural gas subscribers, not only electricity and gas distribution companies but also municipal water administrations experience a transitional period to use smart meters. Current energy grid is supposed to lean to the smart grid management system and it is estimated to be more and more common in international terms in the shortest period of time.

In such a period involving Turkey as well, as the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, we shall host “International Istanbul Smart Grid Congress and Exhibition” in Istanbul on 9th – 10th May, 2013. This congress is supposed to make a great contribution to the use of ever growing energy demand of the world rationally and contribute to smart meter policies and strategies along with smart buildings and automation systems. By means of this organization, we aim to contribute Turkey to start using smart meters and have a more active, powerful and respected position on the global platform in accordance with Turkey’s strategic vision for 2023. Consequently, this congress will provide an international platform where participants will gather with all the shareholders, find answers for their questions, learn latest innovations about smart grids and sample applications and determine investment strategies.

Current and future status of smart grids will be discussed in detail, appropriate strategies will be found out and panel discussions will also be held for electricity, water and natural gas meter sectors during the congress. Companies operating in the sector will simultaneously exhibit their products. Sectoral representatives from concerning public corporations, international metrology and standardization establishments, international smart grid associations, electricity, water and gas meter producing companies, importer companies, electricity and natural gas distribution companies, organized industrial zones, municipalities, conformity assessment bodies, automation companies, examination, testing and calibration corporations, R&D  companies, energy production/transmission/distribution companies, GSM operators, smart building companies and software companies will participate in the congress.

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