IPSO 2016 Fall Member Meeting – San Francisco Airport

The 2016 IPSO Alliance Fall Member Meeting will take place Tues., Oct.18 and Wed., Oct 19, 2016 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront in Burlingame, Calif. General member meeting registration will begin at 8am on Tues. and will continue with a full day of meetings on Wed., ending at 4:30pm. There is a $350 registration fee for this year’s meeting, which includes lunch each day and the IPSO social dinner that will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 18. Meeting venue and accommodations information is below.

Meeting Focus

The IPSO Alliance is positioned to play a major role in the evolution of IoT. Media and analysts are largely covering IT and networking, with an underlying assumption that the things (the devices, the smart objects) will follow suit. Our position is that there are more challenges in the evolution of IoT device design, architecture and manufacturing that there are in IT and networking. Many questions remain. About 10 years ago, the industry was asking if the Internet Protocol was the right networking technology to use. Today it is clear. IP is a must. The question now is, “How do we use it”? Another question we begin to hear frequently is, “What is the return on investment of the IoT”? What are the costs and revenue (or cost savings) that such technology can bring? Such questions will need solid answers before the IoT can really take off.

The real challenge for the IoT to materialize is not technologies. They exist. The challenge is for their combined costs and performance to reach the level needed to enable the deployment of the forecasted billions of IoT devices. This is where IPSO’s work is so important. By publishing guidelines and best practices, the IPSO Alliance contributes to reduce time to market for IoT devices and to increase the interoperability so fundamental to achieving the economy of scale and the desired profitability of savings. This year’s fall member meeting will bring our membership together to have technical discussions and debates on these issues, and others. A high-level agenda follows, we will continue to update it as we get closer to the meeting. 


Tuesday October 18, 2016       

Time                   Session
8:00 AM              Registration
8:30 AM              Introductions: BoD, Staff and Attendees
9:00 AM              Meeting preview
9:45 AM              IPSO Alliance’s role in the industry
10:00 AM            OCF Feedback
10:30 AM            Break
11:00 AM            OMA Feedback
11:30 AM            BBF Feedback
12:00 PM            Lunch
1:00 PM              Collaborating with other Alliances
1:30 PM              Review IPSO framework and next working groups to be chartered

Open House Program Begins
2:30 PM              Networking, welcome Open House guests
3:00 PM              IPSO Alliance Open House: Introductions
3:15 PM              State of the Alliance
3:30 PM              Keynote: Chris Greer, Director of Cyber Physical Systems and Smart Cities, NIST
4:00 PM              Semantic Working Group overview
4:15 PM              Security Working Group overview
4:30 PM              Protocol working group overview
4:45 PM              Keynote: Patrice Slupowski, Director of Digital Innovation, Orange
5:15 PM              Demo introductions followed by reception and demo stations (ST, Micrium, others…)

Wednesday October 19, 2016 

Time                   Session
8:00 AM              Registration
9:00 AM              Agenda preview
9:15 AM              Break-out sessions: Semantic, Protocol, Security and Marcom
10:30 AM            Break
11:00 AM            Break-out sessions: Semantic, Protocol and Security
12:00 PM            Lunch
1:30 PM              Launching next working groups
2:00 PM              Management company update
2:30 PM              Marketing Committee – current status and plans
3:00 PM              IPSO CHALLENGE
3:30 PM              Membership Recruitment
4:00 PM              Next Member Meeting
4:30 PM              Board of Directors meeting


Note: Only IPSO members may register for the member meeting. Not a member? Please join us for this year’s Open House from 3-7pm on October 18. All the details can be found here: http://www.ipso-alliance.org/fall-2016-member-meeting-guest-registration/.

Meeting venue and hotel:
San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Highway  Burlingame  California  94010  USA 

If you have not yet booked a room, please reach out to Jessica and she can help make arrangements.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!