July 8, 2014: Micrium’s Christian Legare at IEEE

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Christian Légaré, executive vice president and CTO of Micrium, will present “Catching the Internet of Things Wave” at the IEEE Palouse Section meeting. 5:30 p.m., SEL Event Center, Faraday Hall, 1825 Schweitzer Drive, Pullman. Free and open to the public; food provided. Register at http://bit.ly/PalouseJuly2014. For more information call (509) 991-0613.

Christian Légaré of Micrium / IPSO Alliance

Topic: Catching the Internet of Things (IoT) Wave

The Internet of Things is being assembled from a galaxy of different embedded devices. These devices range from wireless sensor nodes, edge nodes, gateways, and more. Christian Légaré’s talk will describe the differences between these devices, and outline the technology choices available to you today.  Embedded devices require at least one communication stack to become part of the IoT. Certainly, the Internet Protocol will be involved, but there is often a second local networking technology in use. Which one should you choose? Wired or wireless? Where will the software running on the device come from, and will it be C/C++, Java, or both? Légaré will also discuss security from an embedded systems point of view. He will address how to secure interconnected embedded systems, how to secure the network where embedded systems are located, and how to secure the data transported in and out of the embedded system. All these design decisions have an impact on power consumption, memory usage, and the complexity of the software running on the embedded target. These constraints will lead you to the correct choice of processor architecture and performance requirements.  The IEEE has just launched a new IoT development project, IEEE P2413, to develop a standard architectural framework for the Internet of Things (IoT). The IPSO Alliance is modifying its charter to tackle the exact same issue. Today, it is not why use IP technology but how to use IP technology.

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