June 2013: Behind the Scenes: Interviews with the IPSO CHALLENGE Contestants – Oval Integration (IPv6 Retrofuturism)

Arman Bastani

Oval Integration

Why did you choose to enter IPSO CHALLENGE 2013?

I have had little experience with competitions until I was asked to join a team at the first Startup Weekend in Orange County, California. It was more fun than I could ever imagine! The unique thrill of the competition coupled with developing a project that was outside my usual scope served as a prime motivator. Everyone at Oval Integration is passionate about open standards and the latest work going on at the IETF, so we really couldn’t pass this up.

What are your plans for your contest entry?

Accessibility was a prerequisite early on. Our contest entry, as far as we know, is the only one that did not include any custom hardware. Everything selected was ‘off-the-shelf’ so that anyone with a little time, effort, and resources can put together this demo and shape it into their own variants. We will be posting instructions and code to foster STEM interests and hope to see some exciting applications across the IoT. In the meantime, we are utilizing the demo to mentor the local CoderDojo chapter, which is a global movement that provides free and open learning for young programmers.

What advice do you have for future entrants to IPSO CHALLENGE?

Don’t be afraid to enter something, even if it is only an idea – no matter how “off-the-wall” it may be! Anything that can spread understanding and open a dialog about the implications and social impact of new technology is doing the world a favor.

Last but not least, be sure to take into account ‘Logistics’. Shipping turned out to be as much of a challenge and expense as the demo itself!

Share a story about the entry process, the judging process or your travels to Sensors Expo.

I wouldn’t know where to start! The demo that was held up in Berlin customs? The ostensible eternity while waiting for results during the hands-off, closed-doors judging round? All in all, the most memorable thing was not a story, but the high caliber of all the people I connected with who had entered, judged, or organized IPSO CHALLENGE.

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