July 8-9: M2M for the Oil and Gas Industry

M2M technologies, Wireless Networking, SCADA Telemetry, and disruptive technologies are emerging as key differentiators in expediting oil and gas exploration and accelerating operational efficiencies. Wireless technologies and devices have played a key role for many operators in Europe and North American in their quest for energy independence. Early adopters of telemetry, M2M, devices, sensors and connectivity technologies are able to monitor and manage remote locations more effectively, as well as benefit from faster more flexible control of assets from Wellhead to Pipelines; to fiscal metering to drill monitoring.

M2M in Oil and Gas will address the role of Wireless Networks and Machine to Machine technologies, their current utilization, the future of devices and machine to machine connectivity and automation, and the role technical strategies play as operational business drivers for Oil and Gas applications.

For more information, visit http://www.smi-online.co.uk/m2m-oilandgas6.asp

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