March 2013 – Featured Promoter: Sigma Designs


By Mary Miller, Marcom Co-Chair

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, IPSO Promoter Sigma Designs is doing their part by introducing a Z-Wave to IP solution that brings Internet connectivity to the 14 million fully interoperable Z-Wave home control devices. These devices include sensors, lighting, door and access controls, HVAC, and entertainment, as well as energy controls that enable applications in smart home, smart grid, smart building, hospitality and connected aging.

The solution, Z/IP as it is called, consists of a cost effective gateway hardware reference design (ZIPR), a software protocol translation component (Z/IP Gateway Software), and a certification program.  Together these components bring IPv6 connectivity to all existing and fully backwards compatible Z-Wave devices. This is the first step to providing full Internet Interoperability and complete IPv6 support for Z-Wave products.

The ZIPR gateway hardware reference design is intended to be plugged directly into a user’s home IP network, enabling applications residing on the Internet to communicate with and control Z-Wave devices on the local Z-Wave mesh network.  These devices include set-top boxes, TVs, mobile devices, and cloud services. For connections outside the local IP network, the ZIPR supports secure TLS1.1 tunneling.  ZIPR is native IPv6, but also supports IPv4.

Z/IP Gateway Software enables control from multiple connected Z/IP clients, such as tablets, PCs and smart phones. The software handles all basic Z-Wave protocol housekeeping – network management, Z-Wave Security, and multi-channel device support.  Z/IP Gateway Software is supplied as a binary for use on the ZIPR reference designs or may be ported to other platforms.

Z/IP-certification ensures interoperability with Z/IP enabled applications from multiple vendors and across multiple platforms.

The ZIPR Gateway reference design, Z/IP Gateway Software and the Z/IP-certification combine together to bring Sigma Designs and the Z-Wave family of products forward on the road map to full Internet Of Things and IPv6 interoperability.

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