March 2013 – Smart Energy Summit

By Mike Coop, Marcom Co-Chair

The IPSO Alliance sponsored the Parks Associates Smart Energy Summit, held in San Antonio, TX last month.  Mike Coop from GreenWave Reality participated on a panel entitled “Device Interoperability: A Progress Report”; other panelists included ARM, Qualcomm, the UPnP Forum, and IPSO members Sigma Designs and Silicon Labs.  In the exhibit hall, the Alliance demonstrated IP-enabled smart lighting, and also promoted  IPSO CHALLENGE.

An underlying theme of both the panel and the overall conference is that physical connectivity options abound, but that the Internet Protocol has been the key layer providing abstraction from higher-layer protocols and lower-layer transports, while enabling a broad range of interoperable solutions.  While no single interoperability architecture applies to all applications or geographies, coalescence around IP enables disparate approaches like HGI, OSGi, SEP 2.0 and others to provide a common communication method.

Other conference themes included significant discussion around new product offerings, with Lowe’s Iris home automation solution receiving a substantial amount of interest; the need for continued evolution of business models, particularly in Demand Response; and the ongoing need for energy management standards allowing consumers to purchase low-cost, interoperable, do-it-yourself components.  Utilities, service providers, and hardware & software providers still haven’t found the holy grail of home energy management, but business models are continuing to evolve, providing daylight at the end of the tunnel for consumer and provider success.

The common theme across all of these business models is IP—proprietary offerings are no longer of interest to consumers, providers, or investors.  The IPSO Alliance will continue to tirelessly promote the use of the Internet Protocol in home energy, home automation, and other smart object sectors.  Please consider volunteering to share your expertise at an upcoming event near you!

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