March 27, 2013 – Sensinode Announces Availability of Certified Compliant Platform For New ZigBee-IP Standard

Sensinode today announced commercial release of its ZigBee Compliant Platform, concurrent with the release of the new ZigBee-IP specification. Public availability of the specification developed by the ZigBee® Alliance, along with commercial release of platforms compliant with the standard, provides a foundation for low-power, wireless mesh networks supporting “Internet of Things” applications without the need for intermediate gateways.

The availability of the ZigBee-IP standard is a major milestone in development of the Internet of Things as it leverages standard Internet protocols such as 6LoWPAN, IPv6, PANA, TCP, TLS, and UDP. Sensinode played a key role throughout the development of the ZigBee-IP specification and was one of the major contributors at ZigBee-IP interoperability test events leading up to its ratification.

“We are excited about offering customers the ability to start building applications on top of our ZigBee-IP certified compliant platform,” said Adam Gould, CEO of Sensinode. “This represents a significant step forward in building the embedded web and means that there will be new opportunities for integrating SEP2 and other ZigBee-IP based applications with our NanoService™ M2M Cloud Platform.”

Sensinode provides end-to-end software products that extend IP and Web services all the way to the end node, combining highly optimized embedded client software with a scalable management and Web applications platform. Sensinode’s software brings Web services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things.

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