The IPSO Alliance was formed to promote the Internet Protocol as the network technology of choice for connecting Smart Objects around the world. The Alliance is an organization and community joined together to promote and educate users on the benefits of using IP to network physical objects of all kinds. As a member of the alliance, your company will directly influence and help drive the adoption of the world’s most ubiquitous networking protocol by building stronger relationships, fostering awareness, providing education, promoting the industry, generating research, and creating a better understanding of IP and its role in connecting Smart Objects.

Goals of the Alliance:

  • Promote IP as the premier solution for access and communication for Smart Objects.
  • Develop and publish white papers and case studies and provide updates on standards progress from associations like IETF and IEEE, among others.
  • Understand the industries and markets where Smart Objects can have an effective role in growth when connected via IP.
  • Organize interoperability tests that allow members and interested parties to show that products and services using IP for Smart Objects can work together and meet industry standards for communication.
  • Support IETF and other standards development organizations in the development of additional standards for IP for Smart Objects.

Become an IPSO member today and help drive the future of Smart Objects.