IPSO is a global, non-profit organization founded in 2008 with members from technology, communications and energy companies. Our mission in the past has been to be the industry advocate of Smart Objects using the Internet Protocol as the protocol of choice. Our operations have been to create market awareness, challenges, and publish recommendations for early adoption. We believe the mission of advocacy for the Internet Protocol has been completed successfully with a wide industry acceptance of this approach.

But our work on Smart Object definitions is not complete and will continue. Our strategy is to embrace the promise of the Internet of Things, Intelligent Autonomous Machines, and the creation of a Data Marketplace. We desire to create a consensus-based Alliance very focused on Smart Object Model definition for the distribution and alignment with existing formal and relevant standards development organizations. We do not want to create a standalone definition or one-off standard, but rather our work effort is to create a unified open viewpoint for large-scale adoption.

In addition, our mission is to build an industry recognized and adopted Trust Model for Smart Objects. This Trust Model starts with an immutable identity architecture that also delivers privacy adherence. Aligned with this theme, we want to create leadership conversations on the issues of identity and privacy of Smart Objects. But we are not going to address personal identity and privacy policies issues or create a Personal Trust Model.

IPSO embraces a consensus committee environment, with one vote per member with decisions made by a majority of votes. All committees are approved by the Board of Directors including the Chairs appointments. Committees produce a publication of recommendations for the BoD to decide on outcome of the publication.

Your voice is important to the definition of the next generation Smart Object. Being involved, leading the conversation, or becoming a Chair or Director can contribute to your business objectives and bottom line.

Become an IPSO member today and help drive the future of Smart Objects.