Niagara Summit – The Innovation (R)Evolution – April 29 – May 1

Are You Ready for the Innovation (R)Evolution?
Las Vegas, Nevada

Technology and innovation has changed the way we transact, operate and manage our buildings and M2M today. In buildings it’s all about using less energy, having lower operating costs, being safer, contributing to sustainable environments and delivering significant ROI. In M2M is about device connectivity, interoperability and creating new business value.

Join the many technology providers and explore the latest technology and innovations driving building operations and M2M today at the Niagara Summit. The Niagara Summit is the largest gathering of industry professionals and practitioners developing and deploying applications that are delivering better buildings and creating value based M2M solutions.

The Niagara Summit is one of the most important events of the year. And for good reason: There are unique opportunities for you to learn firsthand about the latest in technology; to hear what’s next with the technology and come away with actionable ideas you can apply in your own organization.

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