Nov 19-22nd: Interop Test Event

An event not to be missed, if you want to be sure your products and implementations are fit for the growing M2M/IoT market!

IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks” (6LoWPAN) is a key component in building the future “Internet of Things” where smart objects become IP enabled and form an integral part of the Internet.

ETSI Plugtests™, the IPSO Alliance and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), are pleased to invite you to participate in the next CoAP and Lightweight M2M interoperability test event taking place from 19-22 November 2013 in Las Vegas, USA. The event is co-located with the OMA AGM, Board, Technical Plenary and Working Group meetings.


This interop test event will assess the interoperability of different CoAP implementations including OMA LWM2M and Security.

Interoperability test scenarios based on the IETF CoRE and OMA standards for M2M will be proposed to participants. The test scenarios will focus on server and client CoAP end-point implementations and products focusing on the base CoAP specification, CoAP Block Transfer, CoAP Observation and the CoRE Link Format.

In addition to the test scenarios proposed on CoAP, additional tests will be available to cover testing of:

  • Security DTLS and
  • OMA Lightweight M2M.

The interop event participation is free of charge.



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