Technical Information

This part of the IPSO website provides information to people interested in specifying, building, testing, or just trying out Smart Object Systems.

A recent highlight is the Application Framework – IPSO Guideline 1. This document defines a RESTful design for use in IP Smart Object Systems such as Home Automation, Building Automation and other M2M applications. This design defines sets of REST interfaces that may be used by a Smart Object to represent its available resources and to interact with other Smart Objects and backend services. The framework is designed to be complementary to existing Web profiles including SEP2 and oBIX.

IPSO Guidelines

  • One of IPSO’s tasks is to publish guidelines on IP-based Smart Object Systems. Our aim is to make it easier for vendors to build and test devices when they follow the same communication patterns. This also improves interoperability. The IPSO guidelines are not standards, they are recommendations on ways to use IP- and web-based communication tools that already have been found to work well. This section of the IPSO website lists all guidelines published so far.

Technical Updates

  • In this section, you can find recent technology news.  Please submit any news you’d like shared on IPSO’s website to

Standards Updates

  • In this section, you can find recent news about current standards development for Smart Object Systems. Click here to see what is going on at the IETF, the IEEE, OneM2M, and other relevant standards bodies.  Contact to share news about other standards development currently in progress.

Getting Started with Smart Objects

  • Here you can find a brief guide for getting started with Smart Objects. The guide covers tools that you need to build prototypes, hobby projects, or commercial systems. It also details devices that you can buy as a consumer, such as IP-capable weight scales for your bathroom.

Interop Events

  • Here you can find a list of upcoming interoperability and conformance test events. Some of these events are organized by IPSO, but we provide information about other events as well. If you know of an event that is not listed here, please submit an addition to

All the material above has been collected by the Technical Advisory Board. Submissions, corrections, and other feedback is welcome. Please send mail to the TAB.