Technical Information

This page provides information about ready-to-use commercial products for consumers and other customers. These products are based on IP-communications. Unfortunately, there are far too many products to list, so we have just chosen to select a few examples from each category. If you think something essential is missing, please let us know at the TAB and we will add it. Product or technology names (mentioned herein) may be trademarks of their respective companies.

Consumer Devices

*   has a Contiki powered product, “Mulle”, for Smart Objects and Internet of Things applications.

* Withings, a French company, sells weight scales, blood pressure meters, and other devices that connect to the Internet over Wireless LAN.

* GreenWave and NXP sell IP-based lightning solutions, such as IPv6-enabled light bulbs.

* Toshiba sells a variety of IP-based consumer devices equipped with either an IP-capable communication interface or an IP-capable adapter communication interface. The former type of device include IPv6-capable TVs and ECHONET-capable home IT controllers. The latter type of device include ECHONET-capable air-conditioners.

* Several manufacturers sell IP-based thermostat solutions.

* Most surveillance cameras are IP-based. This model from Axis is a good example of a device that supports standard IP- and IPv6-based communication over a wireless interface.

* Many entertainment electronics use Internet technology today, to update their software and to offer additional services. For instance, Samsung TVs are Internet enabled.

Backend Software

* Sensinode provides software for backend servers that collect information from devices and control them.

* Cosm provides data storage and processing services built for Internet of Things applications.

* More frameworks and software for processing Internet of Things data are listed at this link.

Smart Energy & Utilities

* Many companies provide smart metering products, for instance, Itron, Cooper Industries and Landis+Gyr.

* But Smart Energy is not merely about metering – many companies are working hard on operating the grid better. In addition to the above companies, IBM, for instance, has solutions in this area.

* A big part of Smart Energy Networks is, obviously, the network itself. Several companies specialize in helping the energy industry build these networks based on Internet technology, like Cisco.

* Watteco provides energy harvesting wireless IP-sensors, edge gateways and controllers for Smart-Building, Smart City and Smart Grid applications. The Watteco IP Sensors implement the new 6LoWPAN technology. Watteco IP Sensors use a state-of-the art energy harvesting technology, from either ambient light or some serial lines. The Watteco edge gateway and controller implement the new ETSI TC M2M standard for RESTful application development. The IP Sensors are available with several wireless standards : 802.15.4 at 2.4GHz or 868MHz, and proprietary spread spectrum technology. More information on: Link to watteco

Management Tools

* Ericsson provides management tools to track large numbers of devices connected to the Internet over mobile networks.

* SAP provides solutions, among other things, for managing supply chains through the application of Internet of Things technology.

Development Tools

* See the Getting Started page.