Technical Information

This page provides information on types of communication links that support IP-based communications. Almost all links do, but at the end of the page there are a few examples of links that do not.

These link layers can support IP-based communications:

* IEEE 802.3/Ethernet:

* IEEE 802.11: and

* IEEE 802.15.4 w/ 6LoWPAN (e.g., ZigBee IP):

* ITU-T G.9955/9956 or IEEE P1901.2 (e.g., G3-PLC, PRIME-PLC): and

* ITU-T G.9903 (G3-PLC only):

* IEEE 1901:

* Bluetooth [1-3].X (with BNEP):

* Bluetooth 4.0 (BT-LE):

* IEEE 802.16 / Wi-MAX: and


* UMTS: (see 21 Series and higher)

* LTE: (see 37 Series)

* CDMA 2000:

The following legacy link layers do not support IP-based communications. In some cases, there exists newer variants (such as ZigBee IP) that are IP-capable or ongoing work to make them IP-capable.

* 1-Wire:

* IEEE 802.15.4 w/o 6LoWPAN (e.g., ZigBee PRO):

* Z-Wave:

* ANT: