Technical Information

Here you can find recent news about current standards development for Smart Object Systems.

  • The IEEE has started an interest group to discuss mesh networking standards within 802.15 called “L2R”, Layer 2 Routing. (July 2012)
  • The IETF is working on a lightweight variant of HTTP, called Constrained Application Protocol or CoAP. The first RFC related to CoAP, RFC 6690, has now been published. Additional documents such as the main protocol specification are in their final stages of publication at the CORE WG. (August 2012)
  • The OneM2M standards organization held their first meetings. OneM2M work includes service layer standards for Smart Objects, merging work done earlier in other standards bodies, such as with ETSI, in their M2M group. (September 2012)
  • At the ITU-T, Recommendation G.9903 “Narrow-band OFDM power line communication transceivers – G3-PLC” was recently approved. G3-PLC supports 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. (October 2012)
  • The IETF is also working on an automatic configuration for IPv6-based home networks in the HOMENET WG. In November 2012, IPSO organized an interop to test some of this technology between two implementations. (November 2012)
  • The MANET working group at the IETF is looking into defining a standard for reactive routing protocol. Such protocols would be useful in smart object environments. (November 2012)
  • The IEEE 802 LMSC (LAN/MAN Standards Committee) approved formation of a new Study Group that is expected to develop a PAR (Project Authorization Request) for creating a new IEEE standard project on Layer 2 Routing. (December 2012)