Feb 26, 2014: Wall St Journal – Atmel’s SmartConnect SAMR21 Solution in the News

SAN JOSE, February 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Thingsquare, a start-up that is one of the pioneers in the Internet of Things, today announced the company will be showcasing Internet of Things (IoT) demonstrations using Atmel’s new SmartConnect SAM R21 ultra-low power single-chip solutions. The demonstration runs on the new Atmel(R) SAM R21 Xplained PRO evaluation board, and highlights Thingsquare’s software stack integrated with Atmel’s new SAM R21 ultra-low power wireless microcontroller.

This innovative new system allows Atmel’s customers to easily develop connected lighting, smart metering and wireless sensor network systems based on true Internet-connectivity and open standards such as IPv6 and 6lowpan.

“Our customers are demanding complete, easy-to-use IoT solutions that can quickly bring a full system to market,” said Magnus Pedersen, Product Marketing Director, Atmel Corporation. “Our cooperation with Thingsquare is an example of that, with a web-based toolchain and open source firmware to offer our customers a fully integrated hardware and software solution for various IoT applications.”

“The addition of Atmel’s hardware solutions provides our customers additional options,” said Adam Dunkels, Thingsquare CEO. “Atmel’s new and innovative SAM R21 wireless microcontroller is an important step forward in the emerging IoT space.”

The SAM R21 device combined with the Thingsquare open source firmware is available on http://thingsquare.com/. The Thingsquare open source firmware is also available as a separate delivery in the Atmel Studio 6 Gallery.

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